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Nawaf Gantare

Nawaf, An Eighteenth-something savvy Web Designer / Social Media Manager / SEO Strategist based In India. He is Passionate about Web Designing, Programming And Web Security.He is currently learning Computer Science and is in Second Year

Get WP-Smush Pro For Free Absolutely No Cost

WP-Smush plays an important role in compressing image sizes on your website and reduces loading time.WP-Smush is so popular that it is downloaded by 1,00,000+ users already. This extremely awesome plugin costs 19$ monthly,But what if I tell you that you can get it for absolutely free?Yes you dont even …

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WABot The Ultimate Whatsapp Bot For Daily Needs

Hello everyone and today i am going to cover an awesome topic i.e a Whatsapp bot.Last time i came to know about a whatsapp bot that helps you get information about anything from wikipedia directly from whatsapp. Yes you read it right, You dont even had to open a brower …

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