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Get Free Instagram Followers Without Survey – Online Script

Want to get free Instagram followers without survey but never got a chance to get them?Don’t worry this tutorial is just for you. Today I am going to teach you how to get free Instagram followers that will help you grow your Instagram account to a new level.Just keep reading this tutorial to learn how to do it

So before we proceed I would like you to know that this script is completely free only for Wizblogger users.Currently, this script is in its Beta release but I am sure that it will at least help you grow a little bit.The number of followers sent through this script is few but they are free right?Everyone loves free things.Let’s get started without wasting any of our time

Before we proceed to the script I would like you to read the whole tutorial first because there are limitations in this script and hurrying will only lead to permanently banned from the script so please be patient and read the whole tutorial first before proceeding

Things to keep in mind before using the Free Instagram followers script

  • Never use your real Instagram username in this script.First, change your username on Instagram to anything random because everytime you will use this script you will have to change your username and then send followers.however you can reset your username once the followers are sent.This step is important because once you enter a username you cannot enter that username ever again for a lifetime.


  • The number of followers sent through this script is ghosties.These followers are only to increase your follower’s count but not your pictures like.For free likes, you can use our Instagram auto liker tool.
  •  The followers sent through this script are limited to 10 followers per day.Once you get your 10 followers you can get followers again tomorrow.This is done to prevent abuse of our script.So please cooperate and don’t loot this script too much.
  • Sometimes the followers are not sent because of too much server overload.You can retry sending them after sometimes.But don’t try every few minutes afyer you get followers because doing so might get your account penalized
  • The script doesnt works on private account.So make sure that your account privacy settings are set to public before using this script.

Lets not waste time anymore and get back to business

Free Instagram Followers Script:




  • I am not getting followers.I only got 10 followers in the start?

Did you try changing the username of your account and used our tool?If that also didnt work then wait for 24 Hours and try again.It will work

  • Why do i have to change my username every time?

There is a mechanism in the script aka algorithm that doesnt allows same usernames to get followers again.So its better to change username again and again and never use your real username

  • Why only 10 followers?

This is done to prevent abuse.Many users will just keep sending unlimited followers which will ultimately result in closure of script.So you can only get 10 followers per day

  • Can i get access to unlimited followers script?

I am currently working on it and it will be available to my broadcast members only.I am not adding any more broadcast members currently but i will start again soon.

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