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InstaTools – Instagram Auto Followers And Auto Liker 100% Free

Instagram auto followers have always been a trend.Getting like with auto liker was never been easy for Instagram as compared to Facebook.But now getting likes and followers is so easy that you will get free likes and followers with just a click of the button.Yes, InstaTools makes is all possible with just a single click.Keep reading our article to know how to do it.Do remember that you’re able to view private Instagram profiles of the following person with this tool

How to get Free Instagram Followers with Auto Follower:

Step 1 – First of all you need to install this App from the given link below and install it

Click Here To Download

Step 2 – Enter your Instagram account details and log in with your Instagram account


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Step 3 – It will take you to the App Dashboard where you can see your Instagram profile

InstaTools 2

Step 4 – Now to get Followers click on the “Get Followers” button and wait for few seconds to get your followers.after few seconds it will show you a popup saying you “Followers successfully sent”.You can get more followers by clicking on “Get Followers” again after 20 mins



Complete these steps to get 50 followers within 24 hrs

Visit now




Step 5 – To get Likes on your photo just click on the photo you want to get likes and wait few seconds .it will show you a popup saying “Likes Sent”




If you are getting an error like the image below

Then Open your Instagram and login manually.And then click on “It was me” button .and then try to login again with Instatools



This Instagram auto follower tool is absolutely free to you and you don’t have to pay anything to get followers or likes.Its safe and secure.Just by using this app you will free followers and likes if you follow the above tutorials properly




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    Amazing!!!! It’s working

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  3. your this bot is working. but plz tell me is it safe bot? i mean any suspension of account or disabbling. and tell me your experience , and is possible to get 40k followers from this Bot without any warning from intagram?

  4. Where do the followers come from, and are they legit? If I add my account will I start following random people as well?

  5. This site is very nice its a fabulous awsome

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