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Get Free Amazon Gift Cards Fast And Easy

Everyone loves free stuff, It’s something that gives us joy that we saved our money and got this for free. Today I am going to show you a similar tutorial that will help you get free amazon gift cards with minimum work and can be repeated. This tutorial is about a site that gives free gift cards for doing simple work like completing survey, Downloading apps, Watching videos etc.

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Card

There are lots of ways that can get you free gift cards. Some sites have discount offers, Some sites give you free signup bonus, Some sites gives you loyalty bonus, Here I will reveal about one of the sites that will let you earn gift card by doing small tasks. You can also earn Paytm cash and Google play gift cards with this site. Don’t go anywhere, The main tutorial is about to start.


  • A real and valid email address
  • An Amazon account
  • A device to use this site (android/iOS preferred, but u can also use it on your PC)
  • Few minutes of your time each day (can be bypassed if u have many referrals)
  • Finally a Coinsrewarder.com account – Click here to visit

Steps To Follow

Step 1 – 

First of all register on a site called  Coinsrewarder.com,  This is from where we will get our amazon gift cards for free. So let’s visit the site and go to Signup Page.

Fill out this box with proper details like your username, email address, password, country and then finally tick on “I accept terms and conditions” and click on Signup Button

Once done you will get a Verification mail on your registered email address. Open the link to verify your account

Once registered and verified, It’s time to log in. Login with your details, once done its time to earn some gift cards.

Step 2 –

This is where the real thing comes in, By doing this step we will earn free gift cards. So without wasting any of our time lets get started. Just a note to remember, most of you will think that this is a scam site or its hard work or points don’t credit. But let me assure you that this is not one of those stupid sites that just wastes your time. This is a big ongoing project that will help you earn hundreds and thousands of dollars in gift cards each month without doing any hard work. So back to our point, Follow the steps below to get your first free amazon gift card

When you will login you will have 9 Points in your account by default as a signup bonus

Now head over to “Earn Free Points” Section on the top and click on “Download Apps”

Once the page loads you will see different offers that give different points once you download, install and open them. Some of them require you to register and some games require you to reach a certain level like level 5. So make sure that you read the instruction carefully to get points credited properly.

As you can see in the pic, there are many offers available that you can complete to earn points. In the above pic, you can see that the app named “words with friends-Best word” is giving you 140 Points per completion.So after downloading this and launching it, we will have a total of 149 Points in our account.This means that we can easily redeem a 1USD Amazon Gift card.This all process took hardly 5 mins and you already got your first amazon gift card

Minimum Payment is $1

Let us not stop here and look at this in more detail.

As you can see this is the first offerwall we are using to get points. But there are a total of 4 offerwalls through which you can earn points. Let’s say if there is no offer available in Adscend Media Offerwall, Then you can move to Persona.ly Offerwall to complete more offers. Each offerwall has different types of offers thus increasing your ways to earn points easily.

As you can see in the above pic there are 4 offerwalls present from which you can earn points. The offer walls are AdscendMedia, AdgateMedia, Offertoro and Persona.ly.

These offer walls have different offers from which you can earn free points by downloading apps, Completing surveys, Watching videos etc.

This is not the only way to earn money from this site.There are many methods to earn gift card from this site, Referrals earning is one of them. To start referring friends, head over to referral tab

Get your referral link and invite your friends. You will earn 10% commission on their earnings for lifetime.

Here on this page you will get your unique invite link and below that, it will show you all of your referred members and commission you earned from them

As you can see this page will show you all the commission earned from your referrals for the past 24hrs, 7 days and 30 days. You can earn unlimited from your referrals for lifetime

Let’s say your referral earns 2000 points in a week and you have 20 referrals, Then 20×2000=40000 points i.e $400 easily in commission without doing a single thing on your own.This is so far the best and fastest way to earn points on autopilot. Just refer friends and get their commission for lifetime.

Another way to earn from this site is Lottery system. Everyone knows what a lottery is but this is something different. This is more like a POT method. Everyone adds their points in the lottery system and the lottery Pot increases based on the points. The system picks 5 random winners when the lottery Pot reaches 100 users or when the admin manually initiates the lottery.

So basically More points you add = more chances of winning

To start investing in lottery first go to the lottery page. Here you will find the number of entries, Total points invested and the total value of those points. Now click on Enter Lottery button to start investing.

A new page will open. Enter the number of points you want to invest in the lottery. There is 20% fees so if you enter 100 points in the lottery it will only be counted as 80 points and system will take 20 points as fees.

Once you enter the number of points you want to invest then click on “Buy lottery ticket”.The points will be deducted from your account and will be added to lottery pot. If you win the Pot you will get an email notifying that you won the pot.

Once you have enough points to redeem your gift card go to redeem page and click on “Amazon Gift Card”

A new page will open showing you different gift cards values ranging from $1 to $50.Redeeming big values always gives u discount on your points.

as you can see in the above pic you will find that redeeming $5 gift card will give you a profit of 25 points i.e you will save 25 points if you redeem $5 gift card.

Once you redeem your gift card you will get your CODE in your payment email within 24hrs. That’s it guys. Enjoy earning free gift cards without any hard work. Keep referring and keep earning free cash.

Some Payment Proofs(from their FB page):


Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I completed an offer but points are not getting credited in my account

The main reason for this problem is that you must have already installed that app before from somewhere else.These apps store a small file on your device to track that u have already installed it before.They also send your IMEI, Device ID to their server.So it’s better to install apps that u have never installed or Root your device and change your IMEI, Device ID etc and clear cache files left by those apps.

  • There are no videos available to watch on this site

This is because advertisers pay them to show videos to certain country users only. Videos are country specific. If you are not getting any video offers then try again after some time. Your country is not eligible for the offer at the current time or just move on to downloading apps as the offers are always available there.

  • The website shows that my IP has been blocked.What should I do?

You must have entered wrong details more than 5 times. Now just wait for 24 hours or just contact support, they might unblock you.

  • Google play gift card shows country not supported

Some gift cards are currently country specific. They are working hard to add new countries. If you are from Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom, Brazil, Japan, Poland, Turkey, Australia, Canada and India then you may redeem google play gift cards for now.

  • What are the ways to earn points from this site?

You can earn points by downloading apps, completing surveys, watching videos, inviting friends and investing in the lottery. However completing surveys pays the best.

  • Can I create more than one account?

No, it’s against their rules and you might get banned before requesting payment. If you get caught of using double accounts you will be banned.

  • I entered the wrong country, How can I change it?

You can’t change your country once you entered it. You must contact support with your username or email and ask them to change it for you.


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