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Affordable Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

Every year your Best friend’s birthday or Friendship day comes around and you are left wondering what would be the perfect gift. We will provide you with a huge list of handmade products from explosion box, Quirky earrings to dream catchers online.

Here are a few gift ideas that are easy on your wallet and also show your best friend you care. These gift ideas will help you find something perfect for him/her for a birthday, special occasion or just because!

These gift ideas are handcrafted and unique. Made by artists from different corners of India and showcasing different art forms. When you buy a handcrafted guide you are buying something that is friendly to the environment and also sustainable. These gifts add a personal touch as every item is made with immense attention to detail by someone who is passionate about their craft. A machine manufactured product lacks the personal touch and quality.

In addition to getting a high-quality product, you are also supporting local artists who have spent their life perfecting their art form and bringing a unique and distinct essence to their products.


Gift Ideas below Rs. 100

These gifts are a steal for the price and perfect for any occasion.

Mini paintings at just Rs. 80!

This mini painting will bring a smile to your friends face. Decorate your walls or desks with these paintings.

mini painting - wonderwheelstore.com

You can buy this painting and many more on Wonderwheel Store.

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Funky Earrings at just Rs. 90!

These unique and quirky earrings to match your friend’s personality are a steal at this price! These unisex earrings can lift up any wardrobe.

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You can find a variety of these earrings here.

Dream-catchers starting at Rs. 45!

The legend of the Dream Catcher is that it captures the bad Spirits and filters them. Protecting us from evil and letting through only the good dreams. This handmade wall hanging Dream Catcher would be the perfect addition as a gift for someone who is having bad dreams. It’s been handcrafted and is made using natural materials.

You can find a dreamcatcher in all shapes, sizes and price range.

In the form of a keychain, car hanging, wall décor or any accessory to suit your mood.

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Earphone Holders starting at Rs. 80!

These ones of a kind earphone holders come in hundreds of designs and are extremely useful in keeping your earphones tangle-free. You can pick your favorite from a huge list of earphone holders

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Gift Ideas below Rs. 500


Affordable gift ideas that suit any occasion. These are steals at these prices. Don’t miss out!


Customized Hand Painted Shoes at Rs. 450

Get your friend their own personalized shoes that become a conversation starter everywhere they go! These are hand-painted on canvas and you are assured that every piece is unique.

You can buy your own personalized shoe from wonderwheelstore.com

Buy Personalized Shoe Now

Customized Passport cover and Organizers starting at Rs.400

This is the best gift for your travel addict friends. Their personalized travel accessory that reflects their personality. You can get a personalized passport cover in a variety of colors and designs. You can also add charms to make these unique for your friends.

Order yours now.

Buy Passport Covers Now

Personalized frames with a message starting at Rs. 400

You can get hand-painted or embroidered messages on frames that become a great piece of wall décor. Get your personalized frames now.

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Scented and Decorative Candle sets starting at Rs. 400

Gift a set of these handcrafted candle scents, that come in multiple shapes and sizes or you can choose from a selection of scented candles available on our store.

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Terracotta Jewelry

Every piece of handmade terracotta jewelry is unique and thus a perfect gift for your unique friendship. You can find a variety of terracotta jewelry.

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Explosion boxes

Explosion Boxes are a box full of memories. It’s a fun way to package the best memories so they last forever. Shop a wide option of explosion boxes in different sizes, colors and price range.

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For special occasions

These gift ideas might be on the slightly expensive side, but they make for collectibles for a lifetime. 

Replica Dolls

Get a miniature replica made for your special one to freeze a moment in their life. These can be made hand-carved or 3d printed based on your taste. Find the perfect replica doll only here. Click on the button below.

buy replica dolls now

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