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Hack Facebook Accounts With Facebook Phishing Script – Undetected

Hacking someone’s Facebook account is always what everyone wants.So today we present you a tutorial on how to hack Facebook accounts with Facebook phishing scripts.This is a noob friendly method which can be used to hack anyone with just little social engineering.

So what is phishing?Phishing is a process of acquiring details of victim like usernames,emails,passwords,address etc by making a fake page login page that looks similar to original one.These types of attacks are often used to hack by giving some greed to the victim.Like login here to get your free amazon gift cards etc.

So lets start with the tutorial.



  • Time,Brain and Patience of course

so lets start with the method.If you have basic knowledge of cpanel and websites you can easily skip all the part below and directly work on promotion but if you dont have any knowledge then read the below steps.I have explained it in the easiest manner i could so everyone understands it .

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Method For Facebook Phishing:

1.First of all register on Byte.host you can use any free php hosting site.But in this tutorial we are going to use bytehost.(note i don’t recommend them as they will ban ur account.try hosting it on your own PC)

2.Enter your details and register your account.In subdomain you can choose any name like “facebookliker” etc .No need to add .com after the name.just enter any word without spaces.And in the end enter the captcha and click on Sign up.

3.Now after creating your account Verify your account and u will get some details like shown in the below pic.save those details as you will need them to login every time to your cpanel. Write them down somewhere in notepad.

4.Now open the link for your hosting section and login with the details we got above from the verification link

5.After that you will be redirected to a new page showing different options.Click on file manager

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There will be more than 50 options.look closely and choose the option named “online file manager” this is where we will upload our phishing files.

6.In file manager go to “Public_html” folder as shown in the picture below

Facebook Phishing 9

7.In public_html folder delete everything in it (not necessary) and click on Upload Button

Facebook Phishing 10

8.Now upload the three files we downloaded in start .The three files are in zip folder.extract them and upload them one by one and click on Tick button

Facebook Phishing 13

9.After successfully upload it will show you a page like this.Just hit back button now

Facebook Phishing 14

10. That’s it.You have successfully created your Undetected Facebook phishing page.Here is how the website will look like.


Facebook phishing 15

How To Check Hacked Accounts:

Whenever you hack someone i.e whenever someone enters his details through your phishing page you will get their details in password.html file in your file manager.You can access it directly by visiting www.yoursite.com/password.html

for example :



So just add “/password.html” at the end of your site and you will get all your hacked accounts there

Final Words:

That’s all for today.Now you can easily hack anyone’s Facebook account without even Facebook blocking your link as this is undetected Facebook Phishing script.Now just learn some social engineering skills and hack those accounts there who are waiting to be hacked.You can use these accounts to increase likes on your page or on your pics just like our free facebook auto liker

Note:-This is strictly for educational purpose.We are not responsible for your actions.Your actions are on your own

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  1. I can’t get tje 12th step from where i will download those zip files and how to extract them

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  4. my page does not look like facebook at all?
    and also – how do I get people to use the site?

  5. Its working but page is not fb login page its complete white coloured page only with email and password

  6. wow really work for me, but not latest facebook interface
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