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Top 10 Youtube Sub4Sub Websites And Apk

Everyone loves free subscribers.Everyone wants free subscribers for their youtube channel.Today I will mention some of the top best youtube Sub4Sub sites for you to use that will help you gain more subscribers on youtube.

Before wasting any more of your time let’s get started.In this tutorial, I will be explaining about few websites which you can use to get free subscribers on your youtube channel. If you don’t know what does Sub4sub means then let me explain you quickly. In sub4sub you subscribe to someone else channel and they subscribe back to your channel hence it increases subscribers for both the party.Therefore this is called sub4sub aka subscribe for subscribe.


Ytmonster is so far the best site for gaining subscribers. They provide subscribers, Views, Likes and Comments exchange.It’s a simple yet powerful exchange service.The process is simple, Like/Subscribe to others channel and earn points.Use those points to get likes or subscribers to your channel.You can earn points without doing anything.Just keep their “Client” running in the background and it will earn points in autopilot mode for you.


Youlikehits is another good service that helps you gain youtube subscribers for free.It has various other exchange services including Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, google plus, StumbleUpon, VK, and traffic exchange.You can earn points from any of the following section and then, later on, use it on your youtube channel to gain subscribers.



Addmefast is so far one of the best exchange service available on the internet.It is one of the oldest and most reputed social exchange websites on the internet.You can exchange social services for almost every social site from Addmefast.It’s easy to use, Super fast and best from all the other sites.It’s user-friendly and pretty much understandable for everyone.A simple trick for this site is that you create a fake account on social media sites and use them to follow other people and earn points and then use those points on your real social media accounts.This keeps your profile clean and green.

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Like nation is a website where like you can get free subscribers without having to do much work but how it works is they have a Sub4Sub system.Likenation is also one of the old websites which have its name on the internet.It provides exchange services including youtube, facebook, and twitter.You can easily earn points and use it on your youtube channel to gain subscribers.Likenation has a “Bonus points” function where you can collect free 400 coins every day whenever you exchange 100 clicks on the website.


Linkcollider which is an online SEO booster company that will help get your business found right away.They’re definitely there always to help you cuz all linkcollider is based on and focus on is one thing and that’s helping you reposition your website and your business and boosting your SEO on your website in so many different ways that you will connect socially.You’ll be found on Youtube and best of all this is that you will rank in search engines guaranteed.

This is how good they are that they guarantee their services one hundred percent and that’s a big and bold claim in today’s SEO world but they do it very well because they’re promoting businesses by creating and maintaining social media auditing audiences that will help boost your online presence now.


Like4like is one of the most used social exchange websites on the internet. It has regular users and can send social services within a fraction of the time.I would suggest you use like4like for your youtube sub4sub and get the most out of it.It is one of the secure site and thus fewer chances of getting hacked.


Although this is a bit old and has fewer users it used to be one of the best sites in past.This site delivers subscribers so quickly that you can’t even imagine.Just head over to vingler.com and register yourself a new account, Login and start earning points quickly.This is slower than most of the sites but if you need subscribers then why not use this too?


This new site is now dominating the internet with its advanced features to deliver social services with awesome speed.Followlike provides almost all social services that you can think of.It provides Google+, Youtube, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Website traffic and also Backlinks.Yes, they also provide backlinks and other SEO related things for free of cost.Just earn points on their site and use them to get benefits


Socializa is a small social media marketing company which aims to help new artists, musicians, and businesses with a geninue targeted audience.This site is not only for newbies,Professionals are using it to increase their audience.So far this is a new site and it does have a youtube sub4sub section


Catalyst.viso.tv is a little different.It’s a youtube advertising partner.So don’t use this site if you are already partnered with Adsense.But in case you are not using Adsense then you can register on this and apply for partnership.once confirmed here you can find many people looking for exchanges.Most people want to get their account viral so they do sub4sub and that’s what we want.Isnt it?



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  • Trick 1

Never ever use your real account to like, follow, subscribe others account.Always create a dummy/fake account and use it to earn points.When you have enough points use those points on your real account.

  • Trick 2

If you decide to use Vingler then here is a script to earn few easy points.Just go to “LinkedIn Share” earn page and press F12.You will see a developer’s console.Just copy this code and paste it and press enter.

  • Trick 3

This is not a free trick, unfortunately.But with this trick, you don’t have to do any work.You just run the program and it will earn you points.

requirements for this tricks are

Just youtube how to use imacros and you will understand how to use the script.If the script is not working and you want a PAID updated one then you can email me at [email protected] for rates



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