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Earn Unlimited Free Paytm Cash From Your Android Device

Thought this is another fake Paytm money scheme?No ! This unlimited free Paytm cash method is going to be a life saver for many students.This tutorial will let every person earn enough money for their pocket cash.I am not promising that you will make millions through this method, But I will promise you one thing and that is “If you implement this method then you will make a minimum of Rs.100 daily without doing anything”.The maximum amount will depend on how much you work for it.

First of all, I am sorry.I know it been a long time since I posted a script or article.I am really busy with my college life.Whenever I get free time I try to fix old scripts and add additions to those scripts instead of making new ones.Last time I posted an Instagram Auto liker and Instagram Auto followers script which is been used by thousands of users to get free followers and likes on their profile.It’s free for everyone.Even you can use it.Just look for the article on my site about it, Read it and do as it says to get free followers and likes.

Let’s start the tutorial,
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For this method, we will be needing few things

  1. Account on coinsrewarder.com
  2. Account on Engageme.tv
  3. An Android device

I will divide this tutorial into three parts,

  1. Account creation and Account linking process.
  2. Earning points on autopilot.
  3. Other ways to increase your income real quick.


  • As I told you in the start, You will need a coinsrewarder.com account.So let’s visit the site and create an account first

  • You will have to enter your details in the signup process.Details like Email, Password, Username, and Country.IMPORTANT – Enter your country as INDIA only to earn Paytm money or else you won’t be able to redeem your money through Paytm
  • Once you have entered your details properly. Click on the “Signup” button.
  • You will get a confirmation email on your email account. Open your email account and verify your email address.
  • Once you have verified your account, Log in to Coinsrewarder and click on “Refer A Friend & Earn 10%” Tab.

  • Here you will find your Unique Account Number.For ex.In the above Pic, my Account number is “35365“. Save this number somewhere else.we will be needing this number for our next process.

Now let’s move on to another site and create an account there

  • Visit Engageme.tv and create a new account.
  • Enter your Email and password and click on “Signup” Button.
  • Now it will ask you to link your Platform account with engageme.tv .From the dropdown menu select “Coinsrewarder” as the platform and below that, it asks for your “ID/Username”. Here enter the account number of your account from Coinsrewarder which we saved from the above steps.For me, the account number is “35365” and for you, it will be different. Make sure to enter your account number properly.

That’s it.We are done with the first step. Now let’s move on to the next step. The earning part. In this step, we will discuss the methods to earn money from this application on autopilot. To those who are wondering what autopilot means let me clarify it to you. Autopilot means a program that will make you money while you do nothing. The simple explanation is how the airplane flies without a pilot just like that you earn money without doing any work.


  • Now download the official engagement.tv app on your android device through below links
Developer: Adscend Media
Price: Free

Download APK

  • Open the application and login to your Eengageme.tv account which we created in Step one.
  • Once you are logged in you will see many videos to watch. Here comes the best part. You don’t have to manually click on videos every time.Just click on a video once and when the first video is finished the app will automatically play another video, Thus saving our time and making it autopilot.

  • Now Don’t worry if your account doesn’t get credited after one video.They pay you after every 6 videos so when you are done watching 6 videos you will get 0.5 Points in your Coinsrewarder account
  • Let’s calculate how much we will earn from this app
  • You get paid 0.5 Points every 7-8 minutes.Let’s take it as 12 minutes because sometimes video doesn’t get credited or maybe slow internet speed or something else. Now if you run 24/7 on your mobile that will be 1440 minutes per day so divide 1440 by 10that’ss 1440/12 = 120.lets multiply 180 by 0.5  that’s 120*0.5=60.That’s it.You will earn 50+ Points per day guaranteed on your own without doing anything.
  • 100 points = 63INR on coinsrewarder.com so every two days you will earn 63Rs Paytm cash easily by just letting your mobile do your work
  • Let’s calculate it for a month. 63*30 = 1890 INR in a month if you earn 100 points per day.

Now, most of you will say that this is so low income. Don’t worry the best part is in Step three


This step is the most important step to make hundreds of Paytm cash daily.So make sure to do this step as much as you can to increase your earnings daily.

  • Coinsrewarder offers 10% referral commission for every user. Whenever your referral earns something you get 10% commission of it. So if your referral runs the app for 24 hours and he earns 50+ points then you get 5 points without doing anything. Isn’t this simple? But who is going to write an article and explain others to join under your link right? Don’t worry. I have a solution for you. Check “Bonus Content” of this article to learn how to get referrals quickly.
  • Now let’s calculate how much you can make on autopilot. Check the below image to calculate a rough amount of points you can make per day

  • This was just the autopilot work.There are hundreds of different ways to earn points on Coinsrewarder. Let me show you some ways to earn free points
  • First Go to http://coinsrewarder.com/earn and you will see different offers walls.

  • Click on any offer wall and they have offers like Download an app, Watch videos etc and when you complete an offer you get paid
  • Let’s try the “Clixwall” offer wall.This offer wall pays you to just click on ads. Let’s do it and check

  • Cool ! I just earn few points without any hard work. But these points are very low, right?Let’s move on and Complete an app download offer to get high points reward.

  • Boom! look at that. I just earned 50 points for downloading an app. That’s like more than 25INR per download. Isn’t that great? Now sometimes there might be high paying offers and sometimes low paying offers. So make sure to check every time to loot the site.


  • Bored of writing your own post with your referral link? Don’t worry I have got you covered. Just change the URL of this post and add your coinsrewarder.com account ID at the end.something like this


Earn Unlimited Free Paytm Cash From Your Android Device



When someone visits your custom LINK then all the links on this article will get changed to your referral links.Easy Peasy. No need to write another article explaining everything again just to add your referral link.Simply add “?ref=YOURACCOUNTID” at the end and you are good to go.

  • You can install Engageme.tv application on other phones too and start watching ads from that mobile to double your income. Just make sure to not use multiple accounts. If caught using multiple accounts then your account will be banned. It’s ok to use multiple instances but not multiple accounts
  • Invite your friends and ask them to do the same to increase your earnings.You can easily bank 5000 INR monthly without doing any work
  • If you need any more help then please comment below and I will try my best to answer to your problems


  • I watched a video but my account is not credited?why?

You get paid after every 6 videos.Watch 6 videos and then check your account.

  • I did some app Installs offers but my account was not credited, why?

They have a FAQ page on Coinsrewarder. Check their FAQ page or contact the support for the answer.

  • What is the minimum payout?

Minimum payout is 63 INR i.e 100 points

  • When will I get paid?

They pay every 24 hrs.Currently, they changed it to every Saturday. So request your payment on Saturday and get paid by Saturday night or Sunday

  • Is there any limit to how much I can earn?

There is no limit.You can earn unlimited money. Just make sure to not make multiple accounts or else all your accounts will be banned.

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  1. I live in the United States, and i put India as my country. How will i use the money?

  2. hey admin, i followed all your step by step, but my point at coins rewarded didn’t increse, i was watched video at engagme.tv but when i closed the application the point is gone, any advice?

  3. Engagement tv app is not downloading, i m unable to download it, in notification bar it is showing “download pending “.

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