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Cheapest $0.99 Custom Mousepads – Best Deal Ever

A mousepad for $0.99 only.Really?Yes today we are providing you with an amazing deal that will get you a custom mousepad for just $0.99. Yes not even 1$ .The cheapest custom mousepad ever available on internet.

Characteristics of Mousepad

  • Mousepad is 9.25″ x 7.75″ rectangular shaped medium size.
  • It is made of a Durable Heat-Resistant polyester fabric top that will keep your mouse rolling smooth and in style.
  • Backed with a neoprene rubber non-slip backing, keeps the mousepad from sliding.
  • It will not discolor even after a year or fade away the color. You can even wash it in Machine.
  • The best part of this deal is that you can put any picture you want on your mousepad, You can use your own image or a gaming wallpaper or anime wallpapers or anything you want as per your desire.

How to order this Custom Mousepad?

Register a account on



Enter your Email,Name,Password and Captcha and click on “Join Now” Button.It will send you a verification link to your email account.Conform your account by clicking on the verification link

Custom Mousepad Wizblogger.com

Login to your Artscow account

Custom Mousepad 1 wizblogger.com

Visit this Mousepad Link And click on “CREATE IT


Custom Mousepad 2 wizblogger.com

Customize your Mouse pad as per your needs.You can add Image,Text,Background of your choice and then submit it for printing.Check the below pic of mouse pad which has our custom background.After everything done.Click on “Add to Cart“.

Custom Mousepad 3 wizblogger.com

Now check if your details are correct.If yes then click on “Proceed To Checkout

Custom Mousepad 4

Now enter your Shipping details properly and don’t worry about the $10.98 amount.

Custom Mousepad 5

Now i the coupon code area type this code “Z099MOUSEPADDMFW5” and click on apply.After applying the total payable amount will be changed to $0.99

Custom Mousepad 6

Now place your order and you will receive it after 10-14 working days.Some countries take more time to ship.

Somethings To Note:

  • Shipping is Free Worldwide.It doesn’t matter where do you live.Its will still cost $0.99.
  • The image is printed a little darker.So i  would suggest using a brighter Image.
  • If you want to order more than one mousepad follow the steps below
  1. Change your IP address
  2. Use different browser or delete cookies
  3. Create a new account and follow the above steps

Images of Mousepads I ordered:

IMG_6597 IMG_6605


This is the cheapest custom mouse pad you will ever find on internet.It is so awesome that you wont regret buying it. The best part is that you can add any pic of your choice for your mouse pad.So just by following above steps you will successfully get a mouse pad for less than $1.Enjoy your cheap custom mouse pad


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