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Custom Sms Bomber – Best Working Custom Text Bomber

As you all know that we have posted sms bomber and misscall bomber .so now its time to post custom sms bomber.Custom sms bomber is not like an ordinary bomber,With this you can actually type your message and bomb your friend with it.

So as you all know what is a sms bomber so i will just skip it and will show you the features of our custom sms bomber

Features Of Custom SMS Bomber:

  1. Completely Anonymous.Your friend wont know that you sent him those messages.
  2. Blazingly fast speed.yes we respect your time
  3. Works fine on all Indian numbers
  4. Works 24/7

Disadvantages Of Custom-SMS Bomber:

  1. Only Works on Indian numbers
  2. Sometimes due to overload server is slow.And messages are sent after 5-10 minutes
  3. SMS limit is 140 char only

Link To Our SMS Bomber:




Terms And Conditions:

  • By using our custom sms bomber you agree to following terms
  • You will not bomb anyone whom you don’t know
  • You will not abuse our system
  • We are tracking your IP address.If something goes wrong we will surely hand over your details to police
  • This is for educational purpose only.we are not responsible for your actions.your actions are on your own.


Proof Of Our Custom SMS Bomber:






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