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Get WP-Smush Pro For Free Absolutely No Cost

WP-Smush plays an important role in compressing image sizes on your website and reduces loading time.WP-Smush is so popular that it is downloaded by 1,00,000+ users already.

This extremely awesome plugin costs 19$ monthly,But what if I tell you that you can get it for absolutely free?Yes you dont even have to pay a single penny to get a pro version of this plugin.

Follow the steps Below to get wp smush pro for free

1.Install WP-Smush plugin on your website by going to add plugins menu or download it from WP repository and install it on your WP site

wpsmush install

2.Open Cpanel and go to WP Smush plugin installation folder

3.Go to Folder named “lib

wp smush it lib folder

4.Open the file “class-wp-smush.php” for editing

wpsmush class

5.Search for the following

if ( empty( $api_key ) )

wp smush return value

6.This Function returns False value.Just change it to true and save it.

7.Thats all.Enjoy your WP Smush pro free for lifetime

wp smush pro

This is an absolutely easy method to get wp smush pro account for free.Share it with your friends and comment your questions and reviews below 🙂

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