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misscall bomber

Online Misscall Bomber – Bomb Friends With Misscalls

Online Misscall Bomber – Bomb Friends With Misscalls

Hello Everyone. Today i have a pretty good trick to tease your friends.Its called Misscall Bomber.Yes we made a miscall bomber so you can easily bomb your friends without installing any third party application.

Misscall Bomber 1 wizblogger.com

Somehow my last post on SMS bomber received good reviews . You can check it here

So i decided to make this miscall bomber and increase the fun.Pretty Amazed huh?lets walk through the functions of this bomber and learn how to use this

Features Of Misscall Bomber

  • Instant Bombs the number.You Dont have to wait.Just submit and done
  • All Miscall comes from random ID.so the victim cannot block the miscalls with any application
  • It is completely free for everyone.You dont have to pay a single penny to use it
  • Can send upto 3 miscalls per 5 minutes
  • Completely online.You dont have to download any application to misscall bomb your friend
  • No registration.All is free

How To Use Misscall Bomber

1. Its pretty simple Just head over to our misscall bomber first


Misscall Bomber – India

Misscall Bomber – International


2. Type the Victim’s Mobile Number and Number Of Miscalls

3. Wait till it shows success message.Thats it.you have successfully Bombed your friend with miscalls

Terms And Conditions

  • Use our Bomber to Bomb Those people you know personally. Dont misuse our bomber
  • We are Tracking your IP address .So if there is a legal Issue, We will give your IP without hesitation
  • Again Your actions are on your own.This is for Educational purpose only



We are not responsible for any mischief you cause with our Miscall Bomber.You actions are solely your own.We are tracking your IP address.So please don’t use it for illegal purposes

About Nawaf Gantare

Nawaf, An Eighteenth-something savvy Web Designer / Social Media Manager / SEO Strategist based In India. He is Passionate about Web Designing, Programming And Web Security.He is currently learning Computer Science and is in Second Year

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  1. i can’t type my own full number on this.

    i can’t even type in your whatsapp number (not that i want to, but just to tell you that a phone number can’t be typed in the box)

    fix it

  2. It’s working…. thanku…

    Great site…
    Great trick….

  3. Doesnt work tried it on my own number

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