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Free Call To India – Free World Wide Call – Free Phone Calls

Free call is what everyone wants .This for free that for free.Now we got our hands on Free call to India and guess what? We are sharing this for free for our readers.You can call to any number in India and many other countries (list given below)

Poptox free call www.wizblogger.com

So what is the tool/site name?

Well first of all its a website that offers this service and its completely free to use from your mobile device or from your pc. Just visit the site and enter the number and press call button and your call will be connected.So the site is Poptox.com

yes poptox.com is an awesome website which will provide you free call to your friends and family

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So How To Make Free Internet Call From Poptox.com :

Step 1: First you have to Visit www.poptox.com


With this you can make free call directly to anyone with just your web browser.You don’t need to download any app on your android or Iphone device just to call.This is completely web based.All you need is a Latest web browser like Google Chrome. That’s it for first step

Step 2: Selecting Country And Dialing Number


When you are on home page .You will see a dial pad .Select Country From Drop down menu and type the mobile number next to it.You don’t have to type the country code like +91.Simply enter the mobile number and press on “CALL” Button.

Dialpad wizblogger

Step 3: Making The Free Call

Once you have pressed the CALL button it will show you a popup and ask for permission to use microphone.Allow it and your call will be connected to the number absolutely free.

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  • Completely free to use
  • Web based program.You don’t have to download any app
  • Connects to any Indian number even DND
  • Does’nt shows your mobile number.Instead Shows a internet based mobile number


  • Only 3 calls per day
  • Requires only Google Chrome browser to work
  • Needs Fast Internet.
  • Works only in these countries Australia,Bangladesh,Canada,France,Germany

    India,Netherlands,,New Zealand,Nigeria,Pakistan,USA,UK


    With this article you successfully learned how to make free calls to any Indian number .You can even prank your friend as it does’nt shows your mobile number but instead shows an internet based number.Share this trick with your friends .Sharing is caring 😀


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  1. I go I’m poptox .
    I type no. BT it show following reason.
    Sorry, only paid calls are allowed from India

  2. Thank you very much for this useful article, I got much helpful information from this post.

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