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facebook auto group poster

Facebook Auto Group Poster – 2016 Tutorial

Are you posting your blog post in Facebook groups one by one?No more ! You can now post to all Facebook groups with just one click with this Facebook auto group poster.I know its a real pain to post your articles link in groups one by one.So have you ever thought of making this automatic?I am going to share with you an awesome method to schedule,auto post on Facebook groups with just one click absolutely free.If you don’t want to use your main account you can use a hacked account.Check out our facebook phishing tutorial to learn facebook hacking

How to post on Facebook groups with Autoposter:

To start posting on Facebook groups you need to make a account on Iamsujoy.com/fbpost

Visit the link above and fill the form to register your account

Facebook autogroup poster

Step 1 : Adding Your Facebook Account

After signing up Log in to your account and go to Settings -> Facebook Accounts

and click on “Add/Update Facebook” Account Button

Facebook autogroup poster 1

After clicking on it it will ask you to Authenticate your Facebook Account .Authenticate it By Clicking on “Authenticate the app

Facebook autogroup poster 6

Now Change the privacy to “Public” So everyone can see your posts

Facebook autogroup poster 3

Now Click on Get App Authenticate Link , Copy the browser URL and Paste the link in the Box

Facebook autogroup poster 7

And Click on “Set Access Token

Facebook autogroup poster 8

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Step 2 : Posting Settings

This is the most crucial part.In order to avoid Facebook restrictions from mass posting or in worst case banning your account you have to enable unique post tool to post unique content on Facebook.To do so

Go to settings and on the left side You will see a section of “Posting Settings“. Click on it

Facebook autogroup poster 4

Here Click on “Unique Post” option and then Select the “Facebook App” That you selected in Step 1

Step 3 : Automating your post to Facebook groups

Now to Start auto posting on Facebook groups Head over to home page .It will show you something like the image below.Enter Your message and your website link,Check post intervals and click on “Send Now“.It will send to all the groups which you choose from the drop down.Here you can even Schedule your posts so that you can leave your PC and it will auto post for you

Facebook autogroup poster 5

Hidden Tips and Tricks

      • Use Spotify or Nokia account API.They works the best and doesn’t impose Facebook Penalty Quickly
      • Add multiple accounts and schedule posts from all accounts for faster posting
      • Never post too quickly.Make sure to use 60 sec – 570 sec interval


  • The tool is 100% free.You don’t have to spend a single penny
  • You can post messages and links with link preview on different groups with just one click
  • Its fully Cloud service.You don’t have to download any Tool to make this work
  • Works on mobile devices too


  • If you log out of your account from Facebook.Then you have to authenticate the account again with new access token
  • Graph API access token gets you Facebook Penalty quickly.


Thus we successfully learned how to automate our Facebook Posting work and saved hours of work.Do share it with friends and comment down what you think about this tool.

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