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Increase youtube subscribers

Get Free Youtube Subscribers No Surveys – Free Subscribers

so you’re looking to get free youtube subscribers no survey?wanna do youtube sub4sub? well in this article that’s exactly what were going to talk about.When it comes to making a living off youtube having sufficiently high video view counts is the most important thing for your business now in this article I go into significant detail as to how you can increase your video views and i will also talk about nine different ways that you can monetize your videos.

In this article I’m going to focus on one of the best ways of consistently growing your overall view counts and that’s learning how to gradually build your subscriber base.Now success on YouTube isn’t all about having hundreds of thousands of subscribers but it’s important to keep in mind that although your videos will be watched by non-subscribers also .Studies on youtube viewership habits consistently show that subscribers will be the people who watch your videos most frequently and they’re also the people who are most likely to watch your videos all the way to,yeah that’s really really important.It means that having a good subscriber base is essential for success in your business.

So If You Want To Increase Your Subscriber Base Follow These Key Steps

1.Make Awesome Videos Sounds 


awesome video sound
awesome video sound

I know but basically what I’m saying here is to ensure that the production values of your videos both in terms of video and audio are extremely high ensure that your video quality is full HD. Well it that you’ve got great audio quality and that your video is interesting.Entertaining videos offer something unique and a value so try to be creative with your subject matter.Videos that provide help advice and support like tutorials and “how to” rank very well on youtube because they solve a problem that people are trying to find.A solution for likewise.Though provoking or humorous videos will have a high level of shareability.I advise scripting videos when you can in order to cut the arms and oz,these help your videos appear more professional.It’s fair to say that higher quality videos,they look great and they also receive higher number of monthly youtube subscriptions number

2.To Add a YouTube Subscription Button To Your Website


Youtube Subscriber Button
Youtube Subscriber Button

YouTube has recently released a new piece of code that allows you to add a subscription button to your blog or website.Download the code or use a similar WordPress type plugin and insert it into the sidebar of your website,That way every time someone visits your blog they will be exposed to this button and with click they can instantly subscribe to your YouTube channel it’s a free and easy way of driving more traffic to your videos.

3.Ask People To Subscribe [Call To Action Button]


Ask To Subscribe
Ask To Subscribe

Yes one of the best way is to get more people on board simply ask them to subscribe now.A lot of people are really uncomfortable with doing this but you know what,no sales person ever made sales by apologizing to a customer for trying to sell to them,include a call to action at the end of your video let people know when you’ll be producing your next video and what they can expect.It’s this kind of stay tuned for more approach that really works.Include an interactive on-screen annotation and make it really easy for people to subscribe

4.Use Of Custom Thumbnails


Custom Thumbnail
Custom Thumbnail

I have seen great engagements after changing my default thumbnail to a new attractive thumbnail.I personally Get a good attractive image and just add my title as text in that image so that users scrolling through videos can easily see what the video is about and this increasing in my views count as well as in subscribers count

5.Use Youtube Video Intros And Outros


Video Intro
Video Intro

Your youtube video opening and closing not only helps you to brand your youtube video/channel but also will make your video more entertaining and stylish and keeps user focused.Stylish opening and closing always helps in getting more views as well as subscribers.
You can add annonaions on these outros that link to your subscribe button or you can also link them to your different videos or website

6.Make Your Channel Page More Attractive


Channel Page
Channel Page

Users will always visit your channel to check your other videos.A good youtube channel design attracts the users into viewing more of your videos and eventually subscribing to your account.Making a similar effect on your youtube channel that you make on your blog is always a good idea to ensure that user can trust your account and keep watching your videos

7.Use Youtube Sub4Sub Apps


Youtube Sub4Sub
Youtube Sub4Sub

We recently talked about youtube sub4sub apps that provides you subscribers in exchange of subscribing. So basically you follow someone else and they follow you back.Its like a click exchange.How ever we would suggest you to keep away from this.But if you really want to earn subscribers and that too really fast like 1000 followers in just 3 days,Then you should do sub4sub


Things That You Should Refrain From Doing On Your Account

  • The first thing I want to get out of the way is that you should never engage in sub for sub activity this is basically you ask someone to sub you add in return youll solve them back is a really bad idea and it never works mainly because they are low value subscriptions,they have no interest in you or your content they’re not going to watch your videos you’re not going to get any more likes,shares,comments anything like that at all.Engagement is going to be extremely low all they’re doing is artificially inflating your subscription count and making your business look better than what it is and if you really want a fair reflection of how your business is doing and if you want to take yourself seriously you’ll never engage in sub4sub


  • The other thing you should never do is giveaways.Now once upon a time YouTubers all across YouTube were doing giveaways and it became apparent that after a while they were really bad way of gaining subscriptions.So in other words it was “Im going to give away this xbox or whatever and in return you know subscribe to my channel share this video blah blah comment below” unfortunately this doesnt work because most these people will subscribe to very few of them will stay subscribed so whether they win or they lose the giveaway theyre most likely going to unsubscribe to you after the giveaway results are in after the giveaway ends so you should never do giveaways either they can often be a rather expensive and ineffective way of gaining additional subscribers.

so I really hope that you found this article useful.If you enjoyed it please share it with people you think well.Thank you so much for reading this article please hit that share button to share this post with your friends and subscribe to our email subscription to stay updated on all my latest content.

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