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Top 10 Free Hosting Sites for Students

We all love free stuff, especially when it comes to hosting sites. New users, small business and students need free hosting plans for their work. Basically, students use these free hosting sites and domain service for various purposes like fun, educational and blogging. There are various types of web hosting services easily available today out of which some give you less amount of free hosting space, some provide free templates and others will let you create a totally free website.

Therefore, you can say that there are fantastic free web hosts on the web but you just need to pick the right one and understand the fact that they need to make money. Further, its true that nowadays modern internet community is totally moving towards various new social networks and clouds but there is still some space left for our traditional free web hosting sites that will enables you to publish a customized web page, blog or any other manually build website and that too at no cost.

So, below are some of the best and top 10 free hosting sites for students which will help them to start their new projects without any cost.




The first and the most important free hosting website for students is awardspace. It has 10 years of experience and it totally relies on free hosting to build their customer base. It works with 1 GB storage space, one email account and spam filter.

2. FreeHostingEU


Another very famous hosting site for student is freehosting EU which offers .eu domain, WordPress, ad free hosting and various other auto install scripts. It also has easy to upgrade feature.

3. ByetHost.com


This is the another free hosting website for students that has many great features which help them to bring it to top 10 list. Further, it provides 1000 MB disk space, file manager, free tech support and various domains and sub-domains.



This is the other very commonly used free hosting website which provides an affordable unlimited hosting plans which further includes advanced hosting features such as PHP hosting, passwords protect folders, error 404 pages, anti virus and anti spam protection details and these are more than 70 percent faster as compared to to free website hosting plans.



Another commonly used free website is weebly which is a well known website builder that offers a variety of hosting plans which intergrates with theit brilliant platform. Further, it has 500MB space with free templates.

6. Hostinger


Another famous free hosting website is hostinger which offers free hosting plan for all types of small websites like blogs, forums and personal purpose. Nowadays, more than 80 percent of the customers are using this free hosting website. It also provides 2000 MB disk space to its users.

7. Wix.com


One of the another popularly used hosting website is wix which helps you a lot when you are starting your own webpage. The one best thing about this website is that it is easy to follow its website builder which gives you the step wise instruction until you publish your website. Further, all this will done in just few minutes.



This hosting site comes with its famous chocolate flavor which further offers free cloud hosting. Its load balance server cluster platform is 20 times faster than the traditional one which is used in shared hosting platforms. It provides 5 hosted domains, 250 MB storage space and a data of 6 GB monthly.

9. x10hosting


Another superb free hosting site is x10hosting which comes with a feature of ad free hosting, auto install scripts and WordPress. It also provides 99 percent guarantee and 24 hours customer support service. One of its best part is that it has unlimited storage space.



Last but not the least is this innovative hosting site which totally focuses on cutting edge technology and security. It is very new in the list of free hosting sites but still gained advantage in a very short span of time. Further, it has 5 GB storage and  20 GB bandwidth capacity.

Therefore, these are some of best and free hosting websites for students. You can easily choose the one which suits your needs the best.

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